Protesting Chick-fil-A’s discrimination of gays

20 Jul

Yup, it’s true.  By now most of you have heard the confirmation that Chick-fil-A, the fast food restaurant chain openly supports anti-gay groups and political agendas.  Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy, told Baptist Press that the chain is “guilty as charged” in supporting the biblical definition of family.  I think we know what that means.  A report from LGBT advocacy group Equality Matters concluded that Chick-fil-A donated more than $3 million between 2003 and 2009 to Christian groups that (openly and actively) oppose homosexuality.

As far as I can follow, logic dictates that homosexuality is not something is to “be for”, or “opposed to.”  It just is — and is someone else’s sexual orientation.  Gay men and women all over the world are having sex right now.  Do people opposed to homosexuality feel like their rights are being infringed upon?  right at this very second?  If not right at this moment, then when?  You let me know.

Many people are (justifiably) coming out (no pun intended), condemning Mr. Fil-A.  People are Facebooking and Tweeting, “I’m never eating there again!”  But I’ve also seen posts that reflect my sentiments, “I’ve never eaten act Chick-fil-A but now I’m definitely not going there” …or something to that nature.

But I feel like me merely “continuing not to go to Mr. Fil-A’s restaurant” doesn’t really actively punish them for their open support of discrimination.  And while it’s not my duty to do so, sometimes going beyond a simple boycott is a good thing.

So, along with my previously-unknowingly, now-knowlingly boycott comes an encouragment.   I encourage any and all gay people to stop by your local Chick-fil-A for bit. Not to cause a scene, or to yell, or to even protest — at least not in the conventional way.  But I say hold hands.  Lovingly kiss nearby these little shithole fast food joints.  Just let them know what’s up.  I just think it’d be funny if there were gay people hanging out outside Chic-fil-A spots for some period of time, but not going inside to eat.

So pretend to be a customer.  Tease ‘em.  Just enough for the local employees to notice —just enough for them to report this nuisance up to corporate headquarters, to well, give them that much more to worry about these days, in addition to the media firestorm.

To reiterate, I’m NOT encouraging anyone to break laws, to be violent, or to be vulgar in any public setting.  But if you’re gay, and a fan of PDA’s (public displays of affection), and find yourself in the Atlanta area, Chick fil-A’s corporate headquarters is at 5200 Buffington Road Atlanta, GA 30349.

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  • Lableu11

    I don’t think it’s OK for people to shove the acceptance of homosexuality down people’s throats. Chick Fil A always been very open about their religious and political views. I don’t find it surprising that they have taken an opposing stance on gay marriages. You’re talking about the company who chooses to loose billion dollars in revenue a year by remaining closed on Sundays, which was a decision based on Truett Cathy’s belief in his Christian fundamentals. You’re encouraging protests against a Private company for their religious ideas because it goes against what you support.

    So now in today’s society, it’s not OK for you to be unsupportive of gay marriages even if it contradicts the ideas of your faith. The fact that this Private company is even being boycotted for it’s religious stance is ridiculous. I don’t think it’s right for our country’s laws to be based on the Christian ideas that marriage should be kept between man and woman. So yes, The US should provide legal recognition for same-sex relationships. Change is needed but when ideas are forced upon others, it’s tyranny.

    • Spaghetti4eva

      I don’t know if you realize the contradictions in your statement, but allow me to present it to you. So first of all, you don’t think acceptance of homosexuality should be forced on people. That is entirely your opinion and you are more than entitled to it as an American. That is what makes our country great, the freedom to express how you feel about something without legal trouble. Therefore Chick-fil-a, and specifically Mr. Cathy for making the statements, is absolutely entitled to their opinion and their support, be it financial or moral, to whatever cause or causes they wish. However, just because they cannot face legal consequences for their actions does not mean there will not be other consequences. Just as Chick-fil-a can be opposed to same-sex marriages, I, and many others, can be for them. Therefore, protesting a company for having beliefs that are not only different from mine, but in fact absolutely opposed, is a perfectly logical response. As with the freedom to choose what to say, I, the author, and whom ever else, have the freedom to choose to be anti-Chick-fil-a, as they are anti-gay. So you have to see that it is not only not ridiculous for a boycott on a company because they have announced they are against certain members of the public, but it would be down right un-American if we chose to continue to support an organization that does not support our beliefs. No one in America is forced to believe anything other than what they want to, and no one is forced to eat somewhere they do not want to. Since there are no ramifications by authority to a company who opposes an individuals right to formally show their love for another, there can only be punishments by the consumer.

      Also as to your comment that, “in today’s society, it’s not OK for you to be unsupportive of gay marriages even if it contradicts the ideas of your faith.” I have to say that is quite false. No one says you have to support same sex marriages. Sure you can’t discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation in things like the work place, but you can’t do that because of race, gender, or age either. The only thing is their may be consequences for your actions. Don’t support gay marriage? Fine. But don’t say that you don’t have to accept what I believe but I have to accept what you believe because that is very hypocritical. Most religions around the world say that women are inferior to men, yet we continue to treat women with more dignity and respect every day. Had Mr. Cathy said something in regards to women being inferior I think you would find less people saying, “Well that’s just his religion” and more people calling for a boycott. So just remember you are entitled to an opinion but I don’t have to like it and I do not have to associate with people who I feel are close-minded bigots. So you can continue to eat their chicken, but please, don’t tell me that I have to.

  • Dairydavid

    It is pure discrimination plain and simple. This is what leads to bullying in schools and society. Christians do not realize the realms that their statements make. Yea who has no sins cast the first stone. They are always judging others and imposing their views on everyone. I do not believe in their views and am a christian. Live and let live. Countries like Spain, Argentina, Norway, Sweden just to name a few allow gay marriage and who has it hurt? It has no impact on society whatsoever just as a straight marriage has no impact. Civil rights are what we are talking about not religion. That is why you must hav a separation of church and state. No group should be able to discriminate against any person. All men are created equal gay or straight. Tread every person with equality and stop judging others!