Spoken word rhyme about Obama’s drone warfare

27 Jun

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post, apologies.  After the 2012 Presidential election had passed, I knew at some point or another I wanted to share another spoken word rhyme video with the world.

For my first (rhyming) video I did a piece about the Federal Reserve, then I tackled the misconceptions when it came to Dr. Ron Paul’s views on Israel.  After that it was on to the NDAA.  After kicking around some ideas, drones came to mind —particularly drone warfare overseas.

I think for too many Americans the usage of drone warfare is sort of an out-of site, out-of-mind thing.  I feel like too many people don’t actually stop and think about drones.  Are we being rational in terms of how we view drone warfare?  Are we really grasping the damage of predator drones?

It’s like the destructive deadly usage of drone warfare overseas seems to be ignored by most Americans.  Some us are probably just in denial.  Another problem is that drone warfare is not often covered by the corporate mainstream media.  Perhaps the topic is occasionally covered, but drones are almost never a headlining-type story that’s gets “pushed”.

  • abrucer

    hello Adam, first visit to your site.

    Just a quick question, what is your suggestion for waging war on terrorists?
    I ask thinking I know what my answer would be, but it is a procedure that bothers me.
    Are you of the notion its better to allow their (terrorists) existence because it holds negative perceptions to a minimum?
    Early American settlers may have had no choice killing a rogue native american who had made himself a terrorist no matter what his blood fed. Are you saying we are now in a position to absorb wounds because of our strength? To prove our strength?